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Anyone can create a portfolio these days.

ATLAS advisors offer unique portfolios connected to financial plans in a way clients love.

No combination of planning and asset management software comes close.

Change the conversation

Performance benchmarks aren‘t your clients.

Give your clients a superior framework to measure success against their plan.

Change the conversation from markets and returns to what your clients can do to reach their goals.

Save time

Building a sound financial plan and supporting portfolio takes time.

Free yourself to spend time educating and counseling your clients with ATLAS tools that make it simple and engaging.

Give clients what they desire most – your time and personal attention.


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“The planning piece is just, ‘wow!’ It’s just a wow! The plan drives the portfolio. The beauty of ATLAS is that it’s flexible, dynamic, and so easy to use.

“In half an hour with my clients I go through their goals, what's important to them, what they have and what their opportunities might be. It gives clients the concrete ability to see what their future looks like.

“The client no longer worries about the investments supporting their plan.” — ATLAS advisor since 2012 —

Are your clients wholly satisfied with your value as an advisor?

“My husband used to worry about this stuff. Now he plays golf all the time and doesn’t worry about a thing. I am so glad we did this.”

A client recently introduced to ATLAS


Do they understand their portfolios and if their plans are on track?

“I thought we were probably okay, but no one ever showed us what we can spend. We should have done this long ago.”

A client who just got back from her European vacation


Are your clients getting what they need?

“This has been so helpful. I have never ever understood the importance of my portfolio and how it should be invested. I follow everything you are saying and it makes total sense to me.”

Client of an ATLAS advisor


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