For Investors

ATLAS Portfolio is an asset allocation strategy used to help you manage your retirement portfolio, whether you're already retired or still several decades away.

ATLAS Portfolio helps you:

  • Understand your financial goals and situation.
  • Create a customized asset allocation strategy that helps you select a mix of asset classes for your portfolio to efficiently pursue your goals.
  • Know that your portfolio is being monitored to help keep it aligned properly to support your goals.

For Advisors

ATLAS Portfolio helps clients create and manage asset allocations and create distribution-focused portfolios.

ATLAS Portfolio helps you:

  • Create better asset allocation strategies for your clients.
  • More efficiently monitor portfolios.
  • More easily communicate a year-by-year view of client-identified financial needs and current status.

The Asset-To-Liability Allocation Strategy (ATLAS) is a powerful system for both investors and advisors.


If you'd like to learn more or be connected with a financial advisor to discuss ATLAS, please contact us.